Striker 2002НУ

Size range: 41-47
Height: 40
Quantity in a box: 2
The color spectrum of the model:

Item: 1.1._______________________________Lining material: 3-layer insulator

Purpose: outdoor activities, fishing and hunting_Material of the boot: EVA-DU-Rable

Uncompromising and severe, the boots STRIKER will bear any frost, even -45 degrees C! They are durable, they protect the feet and legs in any weather, keep warmth – what is needed for winter hunting and fishing. The boot has big circumference, reinforced toe and heel part, that’s why they securely protect feet whenever you are, whatever you do! Outsole has a mighty cleat with a relief pattern. The built-up part of the boot has a light-reflecting band and equipped at rear with elastic band and fixation which prevents penetration of snow anf mud inside the boot. The inserted insulator consists of 3 layers: 1) multi-layer carcass unwoven polyester fabric with laminated film of polyester and spunbond ), 2) PU foam (which has good index of elasticity and air penetration; 3) dense fur in beige colour (polyester).

Item: 1.1.

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