Striker 2000НУ

Size range: 41-47
Height: 40
Quantity in a box: 2
The color spectrum of the model:
black olive

Material of the boot: EVA- Du-Rable (durable)

Material of the collar: Oxford 600 D

Outsole: with good cushion capacity which allows substantially to reduce load on skeleton system due to absorbing the shock during walking.

Removable insulator of 5 layers: 1. spunbond, 2. foil, 3. modern unwoven polyester fabric, 4. PU foam, 5. natural fur (not less than 50 %)

 Boots “Striker” are especially designed for winter fishing and hunting. This model is irreplaceable for outdoor activities and for constant wearing in northern latitudes with sever climate. Even in conditions of extreme low temperatures (till – 60 degrees C) the boots don’t lose elasticity in the process of walking, keep warmth and don’t slip on ice.

Weight of the model is only 800 g, and detailed design takes into account ergonomics and anatomic particularities of a foot and shin.

Advantages of the model:

High instep and wide boot-leg

Waterproof collar with fixation on an elastic band prevents penetration of snow and mud;

Reinforced toe and heel part minimizes risks of puncture;

Honeycomb structure of inner part of the sole helps drain condensate.

The model has a convenient spur that allows to put-on and take-off the boots quickly and easily without hands.

Original sole pattern increases resistance to slipping and provides better grip with surface.

Recommended temperature conditions are to -60 degrees C.

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