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Men’s neoprene waders with EVA boots

Hunting and fishing in rivers with swamped banks requires special equipment as there exists a strong need to stay in water waist-deep for a long time. That\'s why the development of waders made of modern warm materials such as neoprene has become essential. For many reasons this material has been extremely popular in manufacturing of fishermen and hunters\' equipment for a long time.

A neoprene fishing wader is made of porous material and covered with durable synthetical knitted fabric with camouflage pattern on both sides. Neoprene material has such a structure that even if you stay in cold water for a long time you can not get overcooled. This wader is very wearproof and you can exploit it for 5-6 years, due to high quality tightly glued seams, which are taped for extra sealing capacity. Neoprene is a good heat-insulating material, it is elastic, light, resistant to change of temperature (from -55 °C to +90 °C), waterproof, and it also makes you feel comfortable while staying in cold water (with temperature from +5 to +10 °С) for a long time.

If you go fishing in the harsh climate or you plan to hunt more you should choose 5 mm. neoprene. Such a wader is able to provide sustainable complex protection for its owner. We\'ve done our best to create waders with wide size and height ranges in order to suit a wide variety of customers. We developed the design of these waders considering peculiar features of the human body. The straight-cut wader was made with enough freedom to be closer to the person\'s body. As neoprene is a very light, flexible and elastic material, it is well adjacent to the body, but you can move freely and feel warm and comfortable.

On the front of the wader there is a section to warm your hands. We have put a slip pocket with a flap on a hook and pile fastener on this section so you can keep small objects there and it provides additional convenience during fishing. This section was designed in such a way that if water gets inside, it runs out through a special hole.

Convenient wide shoulder straps with adjustable buckles, which allow you to change the length of shoulder straps according to the necessary size, provide additional comfort.

All seams of the wader are glued with a special tape, absolutely hermetically-sealed and waterproof. Unremovable knee caps made of durable non-slip fabric provide extra wearproofing.


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