Junior 2603 У

Size range: 28-36

Item: 1.6 E______________________________________Inner material: fleece (removable lining)

Purpose: outdoor activities, casual footwear____________Boot material: EVA-DU-Rable

Bright boots JUNIOR is what you children need to feel comfort in winter in the street. Whenever you kid likes to play, JUNIOR is always on guard of the kid’s feet in winter cold and abundant snowfall. Durable, freeze-resisting, ecologically safe and, what is the main, thermal-insulating (able to keep warmth), JUNIOR is what children and their parents need in winter.

The top of the model is a built-up part with waterproofing and a stopper which protects your child from snow, mud and water penetration inside. The bottom of the model is a boot of material EVA-Du-Rable (durable). The material has enhanced durability and capacity to keep elasticity at low temperatures.Non-slip outsole. Inside there is a removable nsulator made of fleece (polyester)


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