Model 544

Size range: 33-40
Quantity in a box: 8

Vendor code 2.6.Э______________________________Top: waterproof fabric

Function: casual shoes, outdoor activities___ Sole: DU-Care (EVA)

This new model represents stylish girls’ boots which are suitable for winter season and for wearing in rainy weather.

Boots are based on galoshes of EVA-Du-Care, material of our own ptoduction, close to features of cautchouc (natural rubber).

Material Du-Care has high content of elastomers , this gives footwear elasticity, durability and allows to serve longer. Scrap waist (secondary raw materials) are not used in producing of material Du-Care that is an indicator of high quality of this footwear.

Thanks to innovated material EVA – Du-Care the footwear has obtained the following features:

elasticity (it doesn’t harden even at temperature -40 degrees C)


light weight

absolute waterproofing (method of producing is seamless monolithic molding)

high resistance to wearing away /abrasion ( in the injection method of producing the sole is covered with a protective film for durability, prolonging product life very much)

sole of EVA-Du-Care has non-slip effect

cushioning effect, shock-absorbing capacity while walking

“thermos” effect – the material has enhanced ability to keep warmth without additional heating of the foot due to low index of heat loss

easy to wash, may be washed in a washing machine at temperature +30 degrees C. Material Du-Care retains shape and doesn’t lose flexibility even after multiple washing, staying the same durable and reliable.

safety for health – footwear doesn’t absorb smells, it’s not prone to influence of fungi and bacteria, it doesn’t cause allergy

brightness and intensity of colour – the material keeps its colour during whole product life

The upper part of the model is made of waterproof textile. The inner part is a sewn-in insulator of non-woven fabric. Elaborated constructive lines of the model provide smooth fitting of the foot and leg .Original design is fulfilled with usage of sewed-on elastic bands and a drawstring with elastic band. Thanks to them the maximal fixing of the model on the leg is achieved. Figured top cut on the back side is completed with fur decorative detail. Different in its colour range, the model will match any casual and sport clothes.

Laconic design of the built-up part harmonizes with the galosh made of EVA DU-Care (lightweight, durable, soft material with good freeze-resisting features). Textured outsole provides reliable grip with the surface.

Original design of the model can add brightness to any womanly image.

Packing is by size and by assortment:

sizes/quantity of pairs 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
assortment 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
assortment 2 2 2 2 2 - - - -
assortment 3 - - - - 2 2 2 2
assortment4 - - 2 2 2 2 - -

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