Model 840

Size range: 36-39
Quantity in a box: 8

Item: 5.2 P__________________________________Upper material: PVC- Du-Elastic

Purpose: casual footwear, outdoor activities____Outsole material: PVC-Du-Clingy

This model of women\'s summer shoes of specially developed aero PVC material Du-Clingy may be used as casual footwear.

The shoes are made of two different PVC compounds with injection method on the injection-moulding machine.

The design of this model is based on a specially selected shoe-tree considering all peculiarities of women\'s feet; all structural features and functions of feet are included into constructive and ornamental lines, calibres, heights, thicknesses.

Porous structure of material used in the outsole provides lightness and comfort during wearing. The structure of the material used in the upper part of footwear possesses both softness and resilience to sea (salt) water.

This model is easy to wash and it does not lose its shape.

Assortment packing:

sizes/number of pairs 36 37 38 39
Assortment1 2 2 2 2

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