Model 601РМ

Size range: 35-42
Quantity in a box: 8
The color spectrum of the model:
flowers on white/white/ashy

Item:6.3 E__________________________________Upper material: EVA-Du-Care

Purpose: outdoor activities, casual footwear_______Outsole material: EVA-Du-Care

These women’s clogs consist of all-cast shell and a strap made of material EVA-Du-Care. Anew, specially developed composition. This eco-clean material is non-allergenic and it has good shock -absorbing capacity , memory and takes the shape of the foot. The shoes are unusually light weight, with high resistance to wearing away, they don’t deform, don’t slip, resistant to ultra-violet light and they don’t absorb smells.
This model has a rich colour range of EVA in combination with exclusive, especially designed prints.

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