Model 160-02

Size range: 48/50,52/54,56/58
Quantity in a box: 9
The color spectrum of the model:

Material: Taffeta

All seams are glued with a special tape for durability and hermeticity. The particularities of man’s figures have been taken into account for production of these trousers. The comfortable design of the trousers does not limit movements , and waist circumference is fixated with an elastic band.

Lower part of the trousers is rather loose-fitting. Multi-functional lightweight trousers are made without boots and they are used as safety clothes. They may be put-on over the footwear as well as be tucked into the boots.

The trousers of this material are absolutely lightweight and imperceptible, wearing them you’ll forget about them. Specific features of the material and the glued seams allow to wear the trousers in rainy and windy weather.

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