Model 152

Size range: 38-45
Quantity in a box: 4
The color spectrum of the model:

Fishing waders for men

This series of waders has been created to provide safe and comfortable conditions during fishing or hunting.

The boots are made with technology of 3 component casting . The outsole is resistant to wearing away thanks to addition of caoutchouc components to PVC composition. It has high resilience , freeze-resistance and excellent shock-absorbing capacity thanks to amid-layer of foamed nitrile caoutchouc. You\'ll feel comfort either on muddy terrain or on stony shore.

The upper part is made of Vinitol, durable, resistant to wearing away, rubber-coated fabric.

All seams of the waders are performed with special technology welding that helps achieve enhanced solidity and hermeticity.

It’s necessary to keep the product straighten on the cloth hanger in a dry room at air temperature from 0 to +25°С, avoiding exposure to direct sun rays and influence of heating devices.

Shoe Size Charts:
Metric Scale(Mondopoint)240247255262270277285292300
Paris points(EUR)383940414243444546

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