Model 450 NN

The color spectrum of the model:
black /brown forest


Boot material: EVA -Du-Flex

Upper material: Neoprene, 3mm

Thigh boots for men

For lovers of fishing spending a lot of time outdoors our company offers the model of thigh high boots of material Du-Flex (EVA).The boots are intended for fishing in autumn-spring period and they are suitable for fishing in cold rivers. The main advantage of water boots of EVA is weight, a pair weighs not more than 1.5 kg. The built-up part is made of water-proof, freeze-resistant, warm, form-stable material Neoprene. Neoprene is synthetic chlorophrene rubber (foamed rubber). We use neoprene sized with elastic fabric, thickness 3 mm, monochrome or printed. This material has a range of specific features: it keeps warmth well (thermal-insulating), waterproof and resistant to rapid changes of temperature.

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