Model 502

Size range: 41-46
Height: 27
Quantity in a box: 5
The color spectrum of the model:
forest black

Item: 2.1.E____________________________a Upper material: textille with water-proofing

Purpose: casual footwear, outdoor activities___ Material of the galosh: EVA - DU-Care

Technological breakthrough of the beginning of the 21 century in producing and designing of polymer footwear is usage in production material EVA-Du-Care (EVA- ethylene- vinyl -acetate, Du – durable, Care – soft and easy in care) which the galosh of these boots made of. EVA is an eco-friendly polymer material with the following features:

Extremely lightweight – 4 times lighter than PVC analogue.

Resilient, flexible

The footwear is comfortable due to its high shock-absorbing capacity.

The material has enhanced ability to keep warmth without additional heating the foot, that’s why it will be warm and comfortable in this footwear;

Freeze-resisting material keeps elasticity at temperature – 40 degrees C. Deep sole pattern prevents sliding on the snow.


Watertight thanks to the way of manufacturing (seamless monolithic molding).Easy to wash.

Hygienic (not prone to influence of fungi and bacteria)

Packing is by size and assortment:

sizes/quantity od pairs 41 42 43 44 45 46
assortment 1 1
assortment 2 -

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