Model 601/02

Size range: 43-46
Quantity in a box: 12
The color spectrum of the model:
d. blue/d. blue s. blue black white olive

Item 6.1 E_____________________________                _Upper material: EVA - DU-Care

Purpose: active recreation, casual footwear     Sole material:EVA - DU-Care


_Bright clogs of Dune’s trademark. This summer model doesn’t absorb odors, it’s easy to wash, hygienic and hypoallergenic. It\'s very comfortable for a child wearing these shoes to walk and relax . Thanks to material EVA -Du-Care the clogs are durable, resilient and elastic and very lightweight. The material is ecologically-safe that is very important for health.

 The model is totally made of EVA-Du-Care material. It’s equipped with a convenient turning heel strap which securely fixates the foot and doesn\'t hinder walking. The sole of clogs provides reliable support for a foot and a massage effect. Thanks to ergonomics of the model, the clogs can be put on and off quickly, and any kid will manage with them independently easily. The model has ventilation holes around the toe ant this allow the feet to “ breath”. The shoes may be used on the beach, as water and sand don’t stay in them

Упаковка размерная и ассортиментная :

размеры/кол-во пар 43 44 45 46
Ассортимент 1 4 4 2 2

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