Production and commercial firm "Dune AST" ltd. is organized on the basis of the Astrakhan plant for rubber footwear production, which has long experience in making shoes of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). "Dune AST" is a dynamically developing company focused on improving its production.

Why "Dune"?

The plant was built in the hills surrounded by sand dunes which the entire right bank of the Lower Volga is filled with. Dunes, unlike other hills, can grow, move and even sing! Dune is our symbol of mobility and variability in the conditions of the surrounding world.

Now this name has been approved and registered as a trade mark.



Astrakhan plant for rubber footwear production was founded.


Until the mid-80s the plant worked steadily, providing its products to the Volga and nearby regions. In the late 80s a joint venture "Dune" was created on the plant basis. However, in the years of perestroika Astrakhan plant for rubber footwear production and JV "Dune", like many other enterprises in the country, went into bankruptcy.


JV "Dune" was headed by Nina Andreevna Treshcheva.

JV "Dune" bought some old equipment from Astrakhan plant for rubber footwear production, which produced old models of shoes only in black color. The range was very modest - only 10 models. It was a time of personal feats. People worked as they should and as much as they should. It was a wonderful state of unity.

Thanks to enthusiasm, experience, smartness of workers and engineers (there were 34 people), the company started to work and to produce a greater variety of shoes. And this team established the principles of QUALITY FOR CONSUMERS in the culture of JV "Dune".


The company was saved from bankruptcy.


JV "Dune" was reorganized and got the name of Production and commercial firm "Dune AST", Ltd.

The first step was to restore old equipment. There began the production of colored shoes which was the first achievement of the team.

And since paints and persistent dyes were not available in the market, the staff of the plant painted PVC themselves with powder dyes, pre-mixing it in a concrete mixer. The technology was entirely developed and implemented by the staff themselves.

During this period two-component two-tone shoes have become the second major achievement, which increased the value of footwear and improved its quality.

But PVC footwear market was not standing still. There were not enough colored shoe models. Assortment variety was required.

In 1999 the release of female model of footwear became a breakthrough. It was model 266, the design of which was developed by the Italians. It was the third achievement for the "Dune", a step into the future. The model was so successful that it is still in great steady demand.


When the sales of two-component shoes increased, the first injection unit was acquired from the Italian company "Main Group" - a world leader specializing in manufacturing equipment for the production of polymeric footwear.

It was that machine which allowed us to take the next step forward. "Dune - AST" became the first firm in Russia to produce three-component footwear: men boots, boots and overshoes for women, boots and overshoes for children.

Fundamentally new for the Russian market, three-component footwear was the beginning of the production of a series of shoes for hunting and fishing, which in turn gave rise to the emergence of a high-frequency welding shop for sewing shoe covers and coveralls, waterproof jackets.


A new technology for manufacturing of shoes from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) was introduced. EVA shoes are the shoes of the future. It is characterized by low weight, heat-insulation properties, wear resistance, water resistance.

There started production of EVA shoes not only for everyday wear, but also for outdoor activities - hunting and fishing.


To guarantee quality of shoes, special equipment was purchased, and innovative polymeric material DU-light (foam rubber - caoutchouc), which has no analogues in the market, was developed. Shoes from DU-light material are elastic, soft, light and non-slip.


In the production technology of PVC shoes there was developed a new composition based on caoutchouc, known as DU-elastic.

Shoes from DU-elastic material are elastic, resistant to abrasion and bending, and non-slip.


The company "Dune AST" produces more than 200 models of shoes.

The company\'s products annually win the sign "100 best goods of Russia".

We have our own workshops for manufacturing shoes, workshop for manufacturing polymeric shoe compositions, warehouses, and freight transport.

Sales are made through a network of offices and regional partners.

There is a retail outlet in the territory of the plant.